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2005 — the re-equipment of 110/35/10 kV Substation “Davydovka” with replacement of bays of Complete distribution device of external installation −10 kV for K-59 bays and installation of a bypass busbar, the reconstruction of the Repair and Production Unit of N. Devitsky DEN, Repair and Production Unit of Krasnolipevsky site of Repevsky DEN with the installation of radio tower H-50m.

2006 — the re-equipment of 110/6 kV Substation # 45 “Kalininskaya” with the installation of a 63 MVA transformer, and 6 kV bays, 6 kV reactors, ISG-110 kV, with the replacement of isolating switches, short-circuiting switches 110-kV for gas-insulated units PASS-MO 110 kV with the replacement of remote control, communication equipment (2nd stage), the reconstruction of the office building of V. Mamonsky DEN (2nd stage).

2007 — the re-equipment of 110/35/6 kV Substation # 30 with the installation of a 40 MVA transformer T-3 and the replacement of H-13 oscilloscope for the fault recorder AURA, the construction of a supervisory board (video cubes).

2008 — the reconstruction of OPL-35 kV “Bobrov- Sr.Ikorets” with the replacement of poles and wires, the re-equipment of 110/35/6 kV Substation # 30 with the installation of bays K-128, K-105, with the reconstruction of OSG-110 kV.

2009 — the construction of OPL-10 kV, the installation of Remote Control and AMR at 110/35/10 kV Substation for “Blue Lipyagi” for pig-breeding company “Voronezhmyasoprom”; cable line of 110 kV from 110/6 kV # 45 “Kalinin” Substation to 35/6 kV Substation # 10.

2010 — the re-equipment of 35/6 kV Substation # 10 with the transfer to 110 kV, the installation of 2*63 MVA transformers, 5 bays of GIS 110 kV, 6 kV bays, the replacement of remote control, communication equipment, digital and microprocessor based protection systems. Completion of the reconstruction and start-up of Substation “Central”.

2011 — two 110 kV bays GIS will be installed at Substation “Central”. This will allow the installation of a cable line from Substation “Central” to Substation # 2. 110 kV overhead transmission lines # 31, 32 will be reconstructed with the replacement of the wire, the reconstruction of Substation # 36 c/f “Voronezh” with the replacement 6.3 MVA and 10 MVA transformers for 2×25 MVA transformers; the technical re-equipment will be implemented at 110/6kV Substation # 39; Substation # 2 with the installation of 7 bays 110 kV GIS, a 25 MVA transformer will be replaced for a 40 MVA one at Substation # 9, while performing the re-equipment of Substation # 32 “Nikolskoye” a 2×16 MVA transformer will be replaced for a 2×25 MVA one.

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