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Project management

Currently, IDGC of Centre for the implementation of the most important targets uses project management technologies, based on the requirements of the standard «Guidelines for project activity» of the Company. The need for the implementation of a number of important tasks with the use of project methods is driven by the requirement to achieve target values of key performance indicators identified in the strategy of the Company. In this regard, the Company’s Management sees the need to take a number of measures to reform and improve business processes. It results in a number of tasks to solve which it needs to mobilize additional human and financial resources. Its own staff, performing project tasks in parallel with the main functional responsibilities by increasing the productivity of their labour, is considered the main source of workforce involved in projects. Coordination of activities to make a list of projects of the Company and its implementation is carried out by the Project Management Office.

The Project and Program Management Office is a system of portfolio management of projects and programs of the Company, a set of professional practices and procedures for managing projects and programs aimed at re-engineering of business processes, support and improvement of the efficiency of project planning and management for development and improvement of the Company.

The aim of the project office is ensuring the efficient use of time, human and financial resources allocated to the improvement and development of the Company’s activities through effective planning, organization and execution control over a project and program portfolio.

The use of formal methods for the Project Office enables to:

  • More reasonably determine objectives of projects and allocate resources to achieve them;
  • Effectively plan project implementation;
  • More fully consider potential project risks;
  • Optimize the use of available resources;
  • Avoid conflicts in the course of the project implementation;
  • Monitor the change of the plan of work;
  • Analyze the actual performance and make timely correction in the course of work;
  • Accumulate, analyze, and use the experience of completed projects in the future.

The implementation of projects of the Company with the project office and project management methodology


The scheme of the project management of the Company