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Mission and values

Rosseti Centre is an operating company performing activity in two main markets: in the market of electric power transmission and distribution, and also in the market of grid connection (connection of customers to electric networks of 0.4-110 kV). The Company’s role and mission are connected with expectations of the main participants of the market from it:

  • for investment community the Company is a tool of investments which is aimed on provision of their return, reliability, profitableness and liquidity;
  • for consumers the Company is a company aimed at quality rendering of services, quality and reliable electricity supply, timely and transparent grid connection to electric networks;
  • for regions and local governments — the company fulfilling the requirements of economy in transmitting capacities; a reliable partner of executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation in planning and realisation of regional programs of territorial development, a diligent taxpayer and employer;
  • for Employees — a diligent employer, an effectively organised company having a transparent and clear system of corporate governance, giving a possibility for the maximum developing of potential of Employees.

The Company’s mission consists in provision of reliable and qualitative supply of electric energy to satisfy growing requirements of economy and social sector on economically justified payment of consumers for rendered services.