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Congratulations from Igor Makovskiy, General Director of Rosseti Centre, PJSC, on Victory Day

9 May 2024

Today we are celebrating the 79th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, glorifying the heroism of our people, their resilience and incredible fortitude. The victorious May of 1945 is forever inscribed in world history, and the memory of the feat will forever remain in our hearts. At the cost of their own lives, through hardships and deprivation, the Russian people unbendingly moved towards the freedom and independence of their Motherland and defended it.

Low bow to everyone - living and fallen!

Our duty is to preserve for future generations the historical truth about the heroism and feat of Soviet soldiers, officers, people’s militias, partisans, home front workers, and to be worthy heirs of the victors, defenders of goodness and justice. They proved that there is nothing stronger, more powerful and reliable than national unity and there is nothing in the world stronger than love for the Motherland. Today Russia again stands at a turning point, and our military personnel in the special military operation zone are again fighting for truth and peace, fighting against Nazism, and defending the security of the country and people. Let the example and feat of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers give them strength and fortitude.

As during the Great Patriotic War, power engineers are shoulder to shoulder on the front line with the fighters. They are among the first to enter the liberated territories to return light and warmth to people and restore critical infrastructure. Our specialists, without exaggeration, are real heroes who, every day, risking themselves, provide residents of the border areas and new Russian regions with stable power supply.

On this day, each of us experiences the strongest emotions: grief for the dead, pride, gratitude to the generation of winners and joy of the Great Victory.

We remember! And we will do everything possible to be worthy of this memory.

Happy holiday, friends, Happy Victory Day! Health and prosperity to you and your families!

Best regards, Igor Makovskiy

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