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IDGC of Centre has begun implementing measures to fulfill the functions of a supplier of last resort in the Kursk, Orel and Bryansk regions

25 January 2013

Yesterday IDGC of Centre began a massive campaign to take meter readings of electricity consumers — individuals and legal entities. During a visit consumers will be informed about the reasons of the campaign being held and change of details to pay for electricity consumed.

Employees who visit customers dressed in corporate uniform of IDGC of Centre and/or have distinctive emblems on their clothes as a badge with the company name, hotline phone number and address of the corporate web portal as well. It is mandatory for staff to have an employee’s ID of IDGC of Centre, which they are to present.

The campaign aims to obtain reliable data on meter readings of electricity consumers in order to correct the billing for payment. It should be noted that the change of the organization, which serves as a supplier of last resort in the territory, will not affect the terms of purchase of electricity for legal entities and will not result in a change in the cost of electricity for the population. In accordance with the established procedures from February 1, 2013 payment for electricity must be carried out under the terms of contracts on accounts billed by IDGC of Centre.

IDGC of Centre appeals to consumers with the request in order to avoid a dispute while making a payment for electricity to check the box “recipient of payment”, which must be IDGC of Centre.

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