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Igor Makovskiy: the profession of a power engineer requires high professional competencies, personal qualities and good physical fitness

2 August 2023 The first day of events on the sidelines of the 10th Professional Collegium of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga region in Ryazan was devoted to assessing the compliance of the Company’s employees with the high status and requirements applied today to Russian power engineers.

More than 150 managers have been tested to determine managerial potential. Along with this, at the Spartak stadium, 50 employees of the security unit of different ages completed the GTO (Ready for Labour and Defense) standards in the 1,000-metre run, the snatch of the 16-kilogram kettlebell, the long jump, the push-ups and the press exercise. General Director took part in the tests, demonstrating excellent physical fitness.

“The security specialists were the first to check the level of physical fitness. We plan that all 55 thousand of our employees will pass the GTO standards during this and next year. In the energy sector, we must also work for results, be able to achieve our goals. Today we have seen our achievements in sports, and tomorrow the results and achievements of our branches will be shown at the Collegium meeting. I am sure that we will cope with the tasks before us,” stated Igor Makovskiy.

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